WordPress Instagram Photographs Setup

Activate JetPack Modules

From the Dashboard
Click Jetpack in the top left, setup by connecting to your wordpress.com account. No fee is required.
Once setup. Mouseover Jetpack in the top left, and select Settings, scroll to the footer and click Debug, 

Next click  “Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site.” at the bottom of the page.

Activate Carousel, and Tiled Gallery

Import Demo Data

From the Dashboard on the left panel click Appearance > Import Demo Data

Click the Import Button on Photograph Free. It will prompt you to recommend plugins but no worries, all required plugins are already installed and activated.

Once the demo import is complete, Click Plugins Installed Plugins,  Deactivate and delete the Demo Import Plugin to avoid accidental overwrites.

Replace Essential Photos

You will noticed 3 main photos set as the background on the Homepage, Contact, and About Us page.

From the Dashboard on the left panel click Media, Click the photo to be replaced, On the bottom right next to Replace media you may Upload a new file. and Select Just Replace File

Once the images are replaced they will not display on the front end until your browser cache is cleared, or the page is accessed from another device.

Disable Demo Posts

From the Dashboard on the left panel click PostsAll Posts. Select all posts by checking the box at the top. Deselect the post “Mansory, Fullscreen Gallery and Portfolio Templates“, the featured image of this post is the main homepage image and should not be disabled. It can be edited to say what ever you want. Once all posts are selected, Under Bulk Actions select Edit and Click Apply, Change status on the right side to draft, and click update.

We draft them because we can use these posts as examples later.

Integrate Your Instagram

From the Dashboard on the left panel click Settings >  Intagrate Lite.

Login to you Instagram by clicking login.

Once connect choose the last image, every image after this image will be posted.

Image Saving: Save to Gallery

Featured Image Config: Featured Only

Post Category: Gallery

Custom Title: From Instagram

Custom Body Text: %%title%%              (this field is required for hashtagger plugin to work.)

Check: Check this to bypass the is_home() check when the plugin auto posts.

Click Update Options

Hide Theme Info in Footer

From your blogs home page while logged in as admin, at the top of the page click customize.

At the bottom of list click Additional CSS, paste in this code.

.copyright { display: none; }

Click Publish

Add Home Page Photo Tags

From the Dashboard on the left panel click Posts > Tags

Remove the Current Tags and Add new tags to be displayed on the home page.

Next click Posts > All Posts, click edit on one of your Instagram posts, and link the Tag on the right panel. Update post.

To change what tags are shown on the home page, visit your blogs homepage, while being logged in and click Customize > Frontpage > Featured Gallery.

Hashtagger Plugin Explained

Hashtagger is a plugin that allows you to use #hashtags on Instagram. These #hashtags will be converted to wordpress tags allowing you to manage the frontpage gallery from your Instagram using tags. 

HashTagger is installed but disabled by default.

Once the hashtagger plugin is activated, you can no longer change tags on the WordPress backend. Get your house in order, then activate the hashtagger plugin

To activate it Click Plugins > Installed Plugins,  Click Inactive at the top and activate the hashtagger plugin.

GS Pins For Pinterest Explained

From the dashboard on the left side click GS Plugins > Pinterest Settings.

Fill in your Pinterest Settings. Save

To include your Pinterest Gallery in a post or page you may use a short code. Examples below.

GS Pinterest Portfolio’s shortcode usage
GS Pinterest Portfolio’s Shortcode attributes Usage
[gs_pinterest user="pinterest" board="breakfast-favorites" count="20" theme="gs_pin_theme5" cols="4"]

More Info

Create Pinterest Page

From the dashboard click Pages > Add New.

Enter a title, ie “Pins”

Paste the short code


Click Publish

From the left panel click Appearance > Menus

Add the “Pins” Page to the menu bar.

Twitter Auto Publish

From the dashboard on the left side click WP Twitter Auto Publish > Settings 

Follow the tutorial on how to create a twitter application. Before saving make sure Attach Image to twitter post is set to yes .

Contact us for assistance.

Auto Pin Pinterest Addon – $49.99 (Setup & License)

From the Dashboard Click Pinterest Automatic > Settings 

Follow the tutorial to obtain your Pinterest session key. Contact us for assistance. 

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